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My Projects

MyOps - Personal Tracking

The idea for this app came from conversations with developers and other professionals wondering how to manage their psychology in a professonal environment. MyOps allows for personal data collection in order to try and identify and visualize trends in mental and physical health in correlation to sleep and productivity.

This app was made with React, Django Rest, MUI, ChartJS using Javascript, Typescript, and Python.


More in my repo

From my time as an apprentice at Nashville Software School I have worked on many projects, some of which are in my repo if you care to take a look.

Image by Roman Synkevych 🇺🇦

DeeDee's Recipes

Deedee was an exceptional cook and storyteller. DeeDee's Recipes is a front-end project dedicated to my late grandmother by the same name. The app gives users the chance to create, share, comment on, and fork their favorite recipes. "Every dish has a memory and every recipe has a story that should be told." 

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