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"Music is that which makes all things possible. The molecules of our bodies resonate together and harmonize in a perfect composition of matter and sound. The strings of life are pulled by the sound waves that connect all things."- Randall Thomas

Randall has spent his musical life in Nashville, TN singing, writing and producing music of all genres and styles. Currently a writer and session vocalist for various producers and studios, Randall spends most of his time in a writing room or a vocal booth when not finding inspiration in philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

When not in recording sessions, Randall writes music that ranges from Americana, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronica, Rock, and Heavy Metal. Randall specializes in lead vocals, and is known for his high range falsetto and smooth mid range as well as his high end screaming. With extensive studio experience and vocal training Randall has been on numerous projects singing everything from lead to background vocals.

Currently working on new music and updating the site continually please check back often for more updates and content.

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